Saturday, July 21, 2012

First week in Japan

As many of you know I have been in Japan a little over a week now.  For the rest of you that weren't aware This is your update.  So far my schedule here has been Go gO Go.  I didn't make any plans with my friends and contacts here but that didn't stop them from making plans for me.  So far I have just stayed local but local covers a lot larger area than it does in the USA.  This is the reason i haven't come around to writing an update any sooner.  Yesterday (Friday) was my first real free day to myself.  I spent the greater part of the morning and well into the afternoon snoozing.  The busy week before had me walking all over the place, and if I wasn't walking I was at least staying on my feet while on a buss or train.  The places my feet took me was a lot of fun but my jet-lagged body needed the sleep I was able to receive yesterday.  When I woke I unpacked everything i brought and organized it.  This was really needed becasue I was living out of my suitcases, so they were on the floor and in the way in my tiny living space. Also I was looking for a little L wrench  that I needed to put back together a tripod i had taken apart to fit it in my bags, and of course I couldn't remember in which bag I packed it. I have all my photography gear ready to be used finally. Now all I have to do i start shooting.

Last week a friend, who flew in from London about the time time I arrived, made plans to meet up and go to a kind of outdoor museum in a few towns over.  Since this is my 3rd time coming here I felt I knew my way around pretty much and decided to by my ticket on my own.  Unfortunately the friend that I was meeting didn't make plan directly with me but through another friend.  Because of this, information became confused and I bought a ticket to the wrong city.  Luckily the friend called me before I missed the station she was at and was able to get off and receive a refund.  Now I have a good understanding of how the train system works here.  Thank heavens for the invention of cell phones though or I would have ended up having a very different kind of eventful day.
Sorry this post was so dry.  I just wanted to get something out there and I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and wright anything.  I have a few more posts in mind that I want to wright about, but I'll work on that when I have a little bit more time.  Stay tuned for the next update coming soon.

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